About us

About us

We envision a world where the social exchange of information and knowledge builds a free and just society without inequities.

We create opportunities for people – all our stakeholders – to develop in a confident, supportive, friendly and empowering atmosphere.

We value our people with whom we share goals, sense of adventure and vanguard that provide us with a sense of achievement through professionalism and respect for diversity.

Appreciative Inquiry is the study and exploration of what gives life to human systems when they are at their best. Through the help of a 4-D Cycle:Discovery – Dream – Design – Destiny we create our identity, treat people like people, transmit our values and beliefs and create a company that cares, which is knowledge rich, adaptable and permanently changing.

In 4D we want you to find the language for you. Time for you. Let each class be a time to reflect, a time for professional and personal growth. Time to enjoy, explore new ideas and knowledge. Time to share and develop together.

We are a certified B Corporation. As such,  we work for an economy where success is measured by the well-being of individuals, societies and nature.


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