You might be thinking, “Uruguay? What’s so great about Uruguay? That’s not on my bucket list – there’s nothing there!”

Wayne Dyer once remarked that “Abundance is not something we acquire, but rather something we tune into.”

The wisdom in his statement is that abundance is a mindset that we co-create. Often, we limit abundance to financial success when it is so much broader, though even wealthy people can live in scarcity and limitation. I once asked a well-off friend of mine the minimum amount of money his family needed in the bank to feel comfortable. He replied, “$50 million.”

When opportunities for abundance present themselves, we tune by accepting it. An article I wrote for the Huffington post on personal growth while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro led to a generous invitation from the Bodega Garzon winery to explore Uruguay for four days. This experience turned my conception of abundance on its head.