Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Special events support

English is considered “lingua franca”: additionally acquired language system that serves as a means of communication between speakers of different languages and dialects, when they have to maintain frequent contact. This is the reason why 4D helps its clients when preparing for a presentation, meeting or negotiation.

Nowadays companies use conference calls as a way to communicate; most of them are made in English. 4D offers you the possibility of having a teacher beside you for the preparation and during the call supporting you all the time. With our help you can take maximum advantage of the knowledge transfer and you can also participate actively.

Candidates evaluation

Candidates are evaluated in their oral and written linguistic competence. The evaluations are tailor made for each company according to the tasks that the candidate is supposed to perform in the tested language. The company receives a report with a detailed description of the degree of competence in the different areas. These evaluations are performed in English and in Portuguese. They are aligned to the Common European Framework. In case your organization needs it, 4D offers an international examination in order to audit your staff’s level of English.

Workshops, debates, simulations

Our workshops and debates encourage real exchanges in other languages, where participants have to use their knowledge and skills to accomplish results and reach agreements on topics or projects of their interest. Everybody can participate of these learning experiences, no matter their language level.

Simulations are developed based on different business situations in which participants create their own arguments, actions and interactions. Simulations are tools that contribute to the success of any training, and they consist on applying the acquired knowledge to situations similar to those that participants face in their daily working lives – presentations, meetings and negotiations.

Intercultural Training

“Every time we speak we perform a cultural act.” Claire Kramsch, 1993
There is no doubt that language and culture are inextricably connected.

Diversity increases creativity, and with it, the innovation potential of both teams and corporations.
Intercultural competence is the key enabling factor in working in diverse teams.