English Abroad

English Abroad

When you study English in an English speaking country, learning goes beyond learning a language since you are also learning the culture of the country you are visiting. Students make rapid progress thanks to an efficient and proven methodology to maximize learning: intensive language training combined with complete cultural immersion. During the day students attend classes and at night, when they go back home, they have the chance to stay in contact with the language and the culture of the place, which enables a faster learning progression.

4D is the representative in Uruguay of: NESE (United States), REGENT (United Kingdom), CanPacific College (Canada) , and York Associates (England)

At NESE (The New England School of English), students learn more than just language; they learn American culture as well. The students succeed rapidly because intensive English language training combined with complete cultural immersion has proven to maximize language learning..
Because of its reputation, NESE is able to attract teachers who hold degrees from Harvard, Yale, Columbia and other top universities.
For more information contact us at contentenglish@4d.edu.uy and visit http://www.nese.com

REGENT has over 40 years’ experience in providing high quality English language courses for people of all ages, from across the world. Regent offers the highest quality English language training in a positive, inclusive and supportive atmosphere.
Friendly, professional teachers, very effective methods and a dynamic learning environment all help to improve your English quickly. Teachers are their greatest strength and are passionate about helping you to develop your English language skills.
There are language schools in a great selection of locations in England and Scotland. Each school is centrally located and offers a comfortable learning environment equipped for all your study needs.
As the schools are truly multinational, you have lots of opportunities to practice your English and mix with people and cultures from around the world.
Regent is accredited by the British Council, Education UK and English UK
For more information contact us at contentenglish@4d.edu.uy and visit: http://www.regent.org.uk

CanPacific College: Located in the heart of Toronto, the largest city in Canada, this learning center features modern facilities and provides an excellent environment for learning English. With a truly multicultural population of 4.6 million people, Toronto is a safe, clean, friendly city with a vibrant culture brimming with theaters, museums, art galleries and shopping areas. Combine CanPacific College’s assets with the advantages of living and studying in Toronto, and you simply have one of the best places in the world to learn English.
For more information contact us at contentenglish@4d.edu.uy and visit: http://www.canpacificcollege.com