Tailor made classes

Tailor made classes

Our courses are carefully designed to achieve the goals set by our students taking into consideration student’s individuality, together with their times, preferences and needs
The two main initiatives behind Content English are: for students to learn the language via the course content and design which is specifically designed to adapt to each individual student needs.We enhance the students learning by developing topics of interest that are familiar to them, enabling them to pay closer attention to detail and further improve their communicative skills.

In order to develop our courses we carry out the following stages:
1) Placement tests, needs analysis and evaluation of the linguistic competence of all the people in the program.
2) Setting up the groups and defining objectives
3) Program design and material selection
4) Development of the program
5) Feedback and final evaluation

4D offers 3 modes of interaction:

Face-to-face, Online and Blended Courses:

Online courses give the chance to have classes wherever the student is in real time as well as through asynchronous learning through a platform. Blended mode combines face to face and online learning providing convenience, accessibility, and effectiveness.

4d.English360.com – It is a platform for the development of online courses and support for face-to-face courses. It features material developed by Cabridge University Press as well as especially designed by 4D to meet the needs and requirements of our students.