“Commitment, learning environment, relationships, and 4D’s intimate knowledge of people and firms are the keys to their training programs. Good results can be seen and measured in real life settings.”
Roberto De Luca – former Managing Partner – Deloitte

“4D has a modern approach and constantly seeks to innovate. Customization is the key.”
Gonzalo Silva -Partner- Deloitte

“Professionalism is the word for 4D. When you have to face real life situations in which you have to use the language, you realize improvement.”
Carlos Matyszczyk – General Manager-República AFAP

“The services you offer are tailor-made; flexibility, creativity and professionalism talk about 4D.”
Luis Costa-President – República AFAP

“4D has always exceeded my expectations.” “The firm’s owners are always involved; their presence makes for fluid dynamics, they are professionals and are always concerned about our needs.”
Martin Larzabal-Investment Manager – República AFAP

“Value, customization, creativity, effectiveness and flexibility define 4D. They strive to find the adequate instructor profile to fit each client and each person.”
Eduardo Mangarelli-Director of Technology, Developers & Platform Group, Microsoft Latin America at Microsoft – Microsoft

“The key to 4D’s success is its personalized approach, each class is especifically tailored to my needs, and I can count on up-to-date materials.”
Pablo Garcia-New Technologies Manager – Microsoft

“When I think of language training, 4D immediately comes to mind due to the professionalism, support and proximity they provide.4D treats me like and important client.”
Magdalena Delpiazzo – Internal Communication, Training and Development – Human Resources – Itaú Bank

“4D surprises with their course content, always stimulating and up to date. The professional teaching staff has managed to successfully adapt to different levels and interests in the INITIATIVE team.”
Nicolás Ramonde-Country Manager – Initiative

“4D utilizes stimulating and up to date content, making the courses dynamic and entertaining. Their flexibility distinguishes 4D from other providers.”
Andrés Aguiar-Director – Infragistics

“We have always found 4D to be responsive to our needs; the dialogue and feedback sessions are a 4D difference; when I think about 4D professionalism and efficiency comes to my mind.”
Mariana Benitez-Human Resources-ENCE – Sierras Calmas S.A

“At 4D they are always open to fulfill our needs.” “Classes with 4D help our people be more prepared, more motivated generating more opportunities.”
Daniel Mendiverry-Commercial Manager – Semanario Búsqueda